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Wisdom828 Episode 83: 10 Looks At Christ - This week on #Wisdom828...Have you ever despaired of some sin that you just can’t get victory over? One of Pastor Bob's favorite quotes deals with how we can fight that sin. It comes from a young Scottish pastor who died at the age of 30. His name was Robert Murray M’Cheyne, who pastored the Church of Scotland in Dundee. We’ll talk about his famous quote and it has helped thousands of Christians when we apply it to our lives. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 82: Common Grace - What does the Bible mean by common grace? That’s the question we’ll tackle this week #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 81: Joy To The World - This week on #Wisdom828 Pastor Bob teaches us about the famous Christmas carol that wasn't originally written to be a Christmas carol. Can you guess which one it is? Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 80: Unitarian Universalist - Did you know that there was a time in America when the church pastor’s salary was paid for by the taxes of the citizens and the only people who could vote in city or state elections were those who were full members of the church? We’ll talk about that and it’s connection to the development of the Unitarian Universalist church on #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 79: Purgatory? - Where did the idea for purgatory come from? We’ll tackle that question today on #Wisdom828. Check it out!