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Wisdom828 Episode 80: Unitarian Universalist - Did you know that there was a time in America when the church pastor’s salary was paid for by the taxes of the citizens and the only people who could vote in city or state elections were those who were full members of the church? We’ll talk about that and it’s connection to the development of the Unitarian Universalist church on #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 79: Purgatory? - Where did the idea for purgatory come from? We’ll tackle that question today on #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 78: How does a Christian know for certain that he or she has been saved and will be with Jesus in heaven at death? That’s the question we’ll take up today on #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 77: What Is Regeneration? - You’re probably more familiar with the term “born again” than with the term “regeneration.” Although they point to the same reality, regeneration is an important doctrine in Scripture with rich meaning that assures believers that they are indeed born again. Check out this episode of #Wisdom828.
Wisdom828 Episode 76: Kill Sin - Transformation is an ongoing process in our lives, called sanctification. We have an important part to play when temptations to sin come our way. Our temptations are tailor-made by the deceiver to draw us into sin with the promises of satisfying pleasures! Check out this episode of #wisdom828!