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Wisdom828 Episode 94: Deconstruction - You may have heard stories or even know someone who says he or she is deconstructing their faith in God. What does that mean and where might it lead? We’ll tackle this subject on today’s episode of Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 93: 4 Ones Method - So, how’s your Bible reading plan doing so far this year? Coming out of the pandemic did you find that your plan to really dig into the Bible didn’t work out as well as you’d like? So, where are you now? Have you kick-started your reading or are you just idling? We will discuss this topic and give you some ideas on how you can improve it on this episode of #Wisdom828. Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 92: You Can't Suppress The Longing For God - Church attendance, Bible reading, prayer, and denominational affiliations, are all down. It seems that America is becoming less religious. But what if I told you that America is becoming more religious. That's what we will discuss on this epeisode of #Wisdom828.
Wisdom828 Episode 91: Justification Vs Sanctification - Today on #Wisdom828 Pastor Bob will disucss...What is the difference between justification and sanctification? How do they relate to each other? Check it out!
Wisdom828 Episode 90- Jesus Our Advocate And Intercessor - What’s the difference between Jesus as our Advocate and Jesus as our Intercessor? Watch this episode of #Wisdom828 to find out. Check it out!