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This week on #ASK! Pastor Jamie answers...I get the impression at times if you are against Mr. Trump then you are not a Christian. What is our church's stance on politics and/or Mr. Trump? Are we as Christians, to have great fun or great joy in our lives? How about in church? Check it out!
This week on #ASK! Pastor Jamie answers...Should Christians refrain from using vaccines that are produced using aborted fetal cell lines? Do depictions of Jesus break the 2nd Commandment? Would you avoid Crucifixes? Are tattoos taboo for Christians? Check it out!
This week on #ASK! Pastor Jamie answers...In today's world/time, what are "right sacrifices" in God's eyes? Will we recognize each other (spouses, family members and friends) in heaven? And more...Check it out!
This week on #ASK! Pastor Jamie answers...Are New Years resolutions a good idea? What does the Bible say about Death & Heaven? When did Baptism begin? Was it with John the Baptist or before him? Check it out!
This week on #ASK! Pastor Jmaie answers...What were the “Nephilim” and were they real? I think I struggle with false guilt, but how do i know if it's not real guilt that i'm just trying to ignore? Check it out!