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First, we want all of our church family to feel NO pressure to come back earlier than you are comfortable. You should not feel guilty or shamed into coming if you are not 100% ready. You are a part of our church family and we care about you and love you for whatever you decide. Everyone is different and no judgment will be given. We will live stream the service at 11am for those who still want to join us from home.

In the beginning the services will look quite different than we are used to.

  • We will sanitize the church before we re-open and we will have a team wipe down all common areas after each service. If you want to be a part of that team let us know.
  • We must keep total amount of people at 40% capacity or below. We will have reservations for each service. Some of you who typically attend on Sunday will need to switch to Saturday.
  • Everyone must wear a mask when entering and exiting the building, or when you need to leave your pew. You may remove your mask once you're seated in your pew.
  • We will have a flow of traffic in and out of the Worship Center. We ask everyone to stay 6ft. apart and not gather in crowds or touch each other.
  • We will have specific pews for sitting and we will mark off 6ft sections. Families may sit together but otherwise we must stay 6ft apart.
  • We will have people in the foyer with hand sanitizer so you can get some without touching it. We have ordered touch less hand sanitizers but they will not be in until sometime in June. We recommend you bring your own if you have it.
  • There will be no children's church or nursery provided. We will have an overflow room in the Fellowship Hall if your child gets noisy or has an issue. We want you to come and we will welcome the noise and distractions!
  • There will be no after service gatherings with food/coffee.
  • In the beginning our services will be different than we are used to. We will sing (but not as many songs) and pray and there will be a message (but much shorter). The message will try to focus on one biblical point and will try to engage our kids as well as adults.
  • Pastor Jamie will record a digging deeper sermon that will include details he could not include in the live service.
  • We are going to continue to provide the online content for children, and adults that you have become used to during the pandemic.

In some respects, it may seem not worth it to gather as a church with all these restrictions. But we believe God will still honor our gatherings and bring great fruit to His people and glory to His Name. It is only the beginning and we hope as time goes by things will continue to get back to normal. And so we pray!