Find out about the different Missionaries we support around the world

Scott Larson - Straight Ahead Ministries - Worcester, MA

They offer kids in lock-up the gospel message. They provide structure and support to help them through the critical transition into their communities and develop the skills and character they need. 

Ann Roon - Director - Children's Haven/Chilaven

Provides after school programs offering Bible and Discipleship classes to teen in Worcester and the Blackstone Valley, building a trusting relationship to impact the children in God’s word.

Karen Burgess - Children's Haven/Chilaven

Provides after school programs offering Bible and Discipleship classes to teens in Worcester and the Blackstone Valley, building a trusting relationship to impact children with God’s word.

Jeannie Gagne - Walking In Light

They are involved in transitioning homeless families in the Worcester area; providing their basic household needs, distribution of food and school supplies, meeting their physical and spiritual needs with Bible studies, child evangelism, fellowship children programs, and teen summer camp.

Dave Rozelle - Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Establishes new churches around the world through the three interrelated activities of evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.

Dr. Mark & Lois Shaw - Africa Inland Mission(AIM)

Dr. Mark mentors, teaches, and writes at the African International University for the sake of the Gospel. 

Paul Bothwell - Missions Door - New England

He assists local churches and Christ followers in their efforts to evangelize, disciple and plant churches among the unreached.

Charles Klepadlo - Campus Crusade

Charlie leads creative outreaches to expose graduate students, faculty, and administrators in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area to the gospel. 

Roxann Goodwin - Outreach To Asia Nationals(OTAN)

Roxann traveled to Asian countries under the threat of prosecution for 25 years. At 78 years old, she continues to work from home, training and equipping women in these countries on; starting bible studies, teaching like Jesus, evangelizing by Storytelling, ministering to the orphans, and building godly families.