Giving To Our Future

As you know we unanimously voted to go ahead with this exciting project so this church will have a great space for gospel work for generations to come! And to pay for it we all need to be on board for the next three years. If we all do our part, then this will not be difficult to get it all paid for in 3 years or less.

We ask you to...

Pray.  Please pray for the project, for the people working on it, for our church that is paying for it, and for the new space to be used for God's glory in the years to come. Also pray for God's wisdom to reveal to you what your household is called to give towards this project in the next 3 years.

Plan.  Once you know how much you are going to give, it is important to plan out your budget. I know one person who said they will give any unexpected income towards the project. Planning correctly is always a key to giving because it prioritizes the right things.

Please click the button above and submit how much you are planning to give towards the project in the next 3 years. You do not need to put your name. This will help the church know what can be expected in the future. Thank you!

Proceed.  This is when we follow the plan even when it proves challenging. You can give in person by either marking your own envelope "Renovation Fund" or using the ones provided on the Visitor Center Desk. Or you can give here online.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are so thankful to have a generous church that sees the vision for Cornerstone Church as a light on the corner for years to come!